Ice Cream & Yoghurts

From Strawberry to Apricot, Blackberry or Peach, Bonne Maman offers a wealth of flavours that are delicious with ice cream and yoghurt.

Whether used as a topping or as an ingredient for a dessert recipe, the classic flavours of Bonne Maman will enhance any ice cream dish.

Simple vanilla ice cream or Greek yoghurt mixed with a bit of Bonne Maman Blackberry Conserves makes for a fantastic Blackberry ice cream.

Mixing and matching conserves – like plum and apricot – together with vanilla yoghurt & ice cream creates fantastic, unexpected flavours.

Add nuts, graham crackers or cookie crumbles to add a bit of texture and variety to your flavour creations.

Get out the blender and create a custom milkshake or malt, adding some Bonne Maman Conserves for authentic fruit flavours.

Try mixing vanilla ice cream or yoghurt, strawberry Conserves, chocolate sauce and a ripe banana for an awesome banana split malt!