Christmas Wreath

What you will need:

  • 1 small jar of Bonne Maman Jam
  • 1 golden metal triangle of 20 cm
  • Spices (star anise, cloves, mini cinnamon sticks)
  • Golden metal thread
  • Golden cotton thread
  • 1 branch of eucalyptus
  • 1 branch of white ruscus
  • 1 branch of red plumetis
  • 1 fir branch
  • 3 small pine cones
  • A 4 cm golden star (or any other festive decoration you have at home)

How to make your Christmas wreath:

  1. Distribute the branches evenly on the lower base of the triangle, leaving the eucalyptus, the white ruscus and the red plumetis to the left, then the fir branches to the right.
  2. Secure them by winding them with gold metal wire so that it secures both the branch to the metal axis. Do the same with a branch of eucalyptus and ruscus on the upper right post.
  3. Pass a new piece of golden wire through the star and then fix it to the lower base of the triangle, at the intersection of the branches, also taking the pine cones in this fixation.
  4. Garnish your little Bonne Maman jar with the spices. Optional: To allow the diffusion of their perfume you can use a hammer and a small thin nail to make a succession of small holes in the lid.
  5. Circle the little Bonne Maman jar at the level of the screw thread with the golden cotton thread then tie it while keeping an 20cm of thread excess. Repeat this twice, making sure to balance the beginning of the pieces of thread all around the pot.
  6. Gather the three wires and tie them to the upper corner of the triangle, ensuring that the pot is in the center of the decoration. Cut the excess wire, keeping one for hanging your wreath.
  7. Hang your Bonne Maman Christmas wreath on your doorstep and enjoy.